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Chemical Safety Certification

Chemical Safety Certification

Kaileys Consortium is proud to offer the Chemical Safety Certification course, a program dedicated to educating individuals and professionals on the safe handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals, with a specific focus on international practices.


Aims and Objectives:

  1. Enhance knowledge of chemical hazards and risks: Our course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential hazards and risks associated with chemical substances, enabling participants to identify and address them effectively.

  2. Promote safe chemical management practices: We are dedicated to instilling best practices for the safe handling, storage, and management of chemicals. Our objective is to reduce incidents and accidents related to chemical use.

  3. Ensure compliance with Kenyan chemical safety regulations: Participants will gain insights into Kenyan chemical safety regulations and learn how to align their practices with these standards, contributing to a safer working environment.

Evaluation: To ensure the effectiveness of our program, participants will undergo assessment through a combination of written tests, practical demonstrations, and chemical safety scenarios. Successful completion of these assessments leads to the award of the Chemical Safety Certification.

By enrolling in the Chemical Safety Certification course at Kaileys Consortium, you are taking a significant step toward a safer and more knowledgeable approach to chemical management.

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