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Confined Space Training

Confined Space Safety

Course Overview:

Our Confined Space Safety Training is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of OSHA compliant, and I-CAB recognized confined space safety, covering both permit and non-permit required confined space work. This updated course reflects the latest standards in the field. Throughout this training, participants will delve into a wide array of topics, including an introduction to confined space operations and standards, equipment inspection and use, personal protective equipment (PPE), atmospheric testing, hazard identification, safe operations, entry roles, rescue procedures, and more. Interactive quiz questions are interspersed throughout the course to ensure trainees are well-prepared for the final written examination. Importantly, this online course fulfills the OSHA requirements for the classroom portion of confined space operations training. Additionally, the course includes a written exam and a checklist that your employer can use for the practical examination required by OSHA.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Develop confined space safety competencies.
  • Promote awareness of confined space hazards.
  • Ensure full compliance with Kenyan safety regulations.

Course Content:

  1. Confined Space Program
  2. Confined Space Entry Procedures
  3. Permitting
  4. Tripods
  5. Key Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Rescue
  7. Risk Assessment
  8. Legal Requirements
  9. Hazards and Risks
  10. How to Determine and Manage Risk
    • Dose Response Analysis
    • Exposure Quantification
  11. Stages of Risk Assessment
    • Identifying Threats
    • Assessing Vulnerability
    • Determining the Risks
    • Risk Reduction Strategies
    • Prioritizing Risk Reduction Measures
  12. Record Keeping
  13. Implementation and Review

Completion Rules:

To successfully complete this Confined Space Safety Training, participants are required to finish all units within the course.


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