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Fire Safety Certification

Fire Safety Certification

Online Training Class – OSHA-Compliant and I-CAB Recognized

Welcome to our Fire Safety Certification course, an online training program that not only complies with OSHA’s standards but also proudly holds recognition from the International Competency Assessment Board (I-CAB). This course has been meticulously designed to not just meet but exceed the requirements of OSHA, specifically focusing on the classroom portion of safety training.

Why Choose Our Course?

Course Highlights:

  1. Interactive Learning: Engage in an immersive learning experience as you progress through the course. Strategically placed quiz questions prepare you thoroughly for the final written exam.

  2. Instant Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll immediately gain access to your test results, certification, and an invaluable checklist. This checklist is designed to assist your employer in observing your practical application of the acquired knowledge in real-life situations.

Course Overview:

At Kaileys Consortium, our Fire Safety Certification course is dedicated to equipping you with the skills and knowledge essential for effective fire prevention, preparedness, and response. Our primary goal is to empower you to protect lives and property through sound fire safety practices.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Enhance Fire Safety Awareness and Knowledge: Heighten your awareness of fire safety concerns and develop a deeper understanding of fire behavior.

  • Develop Skills for Fire Prevention and Control: Gain practical skills and strategies to prevent and control fires effectively.

  • Ensure Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations: Understand and adhere to the fire safety regulations.

Course Contents:

  1. Understanding Fire and its Behavior: Explore the science of fire and its behavior.

  2. Fire Prevention Measures: Learn essential measures to prevent fires from occurring.

  3. Firefighting Equipment and Techniques: Discover the equipment and techniques used in effective firefighting.

  4. Evacuation Procedures: Understand how to safely evacuate during a fire emergency.

  5. Kenyan Fire Safety Regulations: Navigate the specific fire safety regulations.

  6. Fire Safety Drills: Practice your fire safety skills in realistic fire safety drills.

  7. Introduction and Equipment: Get acquainted with the course structure and essential fire safety equipment.

  8. Module 1 – Preparedness, Hazards, and Conclusion: Delve into fire preparedness, understanding hazards, and conclude your journey with newfound knowledge.

  9. Module 2 – Final Exam (Fire Safety Exam): Test your knowledge in the final written exam and demonstrate your readiness for real-world fire safety situations.

  10. Completion Rules: To earn your Fire Safety Certification, ensure you complete all course units.


This course is open to individuals who are eager to enhance their fire safety knowledge and skills. There are no specific prerequisites, making this course accessible to all who are interested.


Your evaluation includes both written assessments and practical fire drills, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. Successful participants receive a Fire Safety Certification.

Embark on Your Journey to Becoming a Fire Safety Expert

Enroll in our Fire Safety Certification course today.

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Fire Safety Training
Fire Safety Training in Kenya

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