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First AID Certifications

First AID Certifications

Course Overview: First Aid Training

At Kaileys Consortium, our mission is to empower individuals and professionals with the essential skills and knowledge required to respond effectively to medical emergencies. Our First Aid Training course is meticulously designed to cultivate the confidence and capabilities of participants, transforming them into adept and confident first responders in critical situations.

Course Highlights:

  • Suitable for a Variety of Candidates: This comprehensive course is tailored to a diverse range of candidates, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle first-aid situations. It is ideal for low-risk work environments such as hospitality venues, shops, and offices.

  • CPD Approved: Our course is approved by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards, ensuring its quality and adherence to professional development standards.

  • A Successful Completion Certificate: Upon successfully completing the course, participants receive a certificate, acknowledging their accomplishment and preparedness in first aid.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Develop Proficiency in Providing Immediate First Aid: Our primary objective is to nurture the ability to administer immediate and effective first aid. Participants will learn how to assess situations, provide initial care, and potentially save lives in emergency medical scenarios.

  2. Enhance Emergency Response Capabilities: We are dedicated to enhancing the emergency response capabilities of our participants. Our training equips individuals with the knowledge and confidence to respond promptly and effectively in times of crisis.

  3. Promote a Culture of Safety and Well-being: Safety and well-being are paramount in any community. Our course fosters a culture of proactive care and preparedness, contributing to a safer and healthier environment for all.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • First Aid Equipment
  • First Aid at a Scene
  • Dealing with Unconscious Casualties
  • Handling First Aid Incidents
  • Treating Minor Injuries
  • Approximately 40 Minutes Learning Time


Our First Aid Training course is inclusive and open to all individuals and professionals eager to acquire first aid skills. No specific qualifications are required, ensuring that this life-saving knowledge is accessible to everyone.


To ensure the effectiveness of our training, participants will undergo evaluation through a combination of practical assessments and written examinations, with a specific focus on first aid scenarios. Successful completion of these assessments leads to the award of the First Aid Certification.

Join Us in Building a Safer and More Prepared Community:

By enrolling in our First Aid Training course, you are not only acquiring valuable skills but also playing a crucial role in creating a safer and more prepared community. Take the first step towards becoming a confident first responder.

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First AID Training

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