Course Objectives

The OSH training program is designed to: (1) provide employees with the skills and knowledge to perform their work in a safe and healthful manner; (2) provide sufficient information for managers and supervisors to recognize and perform their responsibilities; and (3) provide the capabilities for personnel with OSH responsibilities to perform their duties effectively.This course is designed in accordance to DOSHS curriculum and designed to meet all requirements of OSHA 2007 and Factories and Other Places of Work (Safety and Health Committees) Rules, 2004.

Course Content

1.    Occupational Safety and Health Management

a.    Safety and Health Management

b.    Health and safety committee rules

c.     Occupational accidents

d.    Personal protective equipment (PPE)

e.    Safe work procedures

f.      Workplace inspection techniques

2.    Occupational Safety

a.    Machinery safety:

b.    Construction Safety

c.     Docks rules for ports and harbours L. N. No.306/1962

d.    Plant Safety

e.    Fire Safety

f.      Electrical Safety

3.    Occupational Hygiene

a.    Chemical safety

b.    Workplace health hazards

c.     Methods of controlling workplace hazards

4.    3. Occupational Health

a.    Stress at work

b.    First Aid Management

c.     HIV/AID Awareness

d.    Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Completion rules
  • All units must be completed