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Gender Development & Mainstreaming

Gender Development & Mainstreaming

Course Overview:

Empowering Gender Equality and Mainstreaming

Welcome to Kaileys Consortium, where we present the Gender Development & Mainstreaming course. This comprehensive program is dedicated to the vital cause of promoting gender equality and fostering the empowerment of individuals and organizations. It equips participants with the essential tools to seamlessly integrate gender perspectives into their work and, consequently, create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Aims and Objectives:

At Kaileys Consortium, we are committed to nurturing an environment where the principles of gender equality thrive. Here’s a glimpse into our aims and objectives:

  1. Raise Awareness About Gender Issues in the Kenyan Context:
    • Our primary goal is to raise awareness about gender issues that specifically resonate within the Kenyan context. Participants will delve into the nuanced complexities of gender dynamics, learning to identify and address challenges unique to their environment. By recognizing these issues, individuals can actively contribute to positive change.
  2. Build Capacity for Gender-Responsive Planning and Development:
    • Empowerment begins with knowledge. This course will equip participants with the skills to implement gender-responsive planning and development strategies. Through effective analysis and tailored approaches, individuals and organizations can contribute to a more equitable society.
  3. Encourage Gender Mainstreaming in Organizations:
    • Gender mainstreaming is a pivotal aspect of our course. It encourages organizations to incorporate gender perspectives into their policies, programs, and daily operations. By doing so, we aim to create more inclusive workplaces and foster a culture of equality and fairness.Evaluation:

Evaluation is a crucial component of our course, and it includes:

  • Group Projects: Participants will collaborate on group projects, applying their knowledge to address gender-related challenges and opportunities.
  • Presentations: Sharing insights and strategies is a vital skill. Presentations provide participants with a platform to communicate their understanding of gender development.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Action Plans: Participants will design action plans that address gender mainstreaming within their specific organizations. These practical plans can catalyze change within their workplaces.
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