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Statutory Certifications

Fire Safety Certification

Course Overview:

Our Fire Safety Certification course, conducted at Kaileys Consortium in Kenya, focuses on fire prevention, preparedness, and response. Participants learn the essentials of fire safety to protect lives and property.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Enhance fire safety awareness and knowledge.
  • Develop skills for fire prevention and control.
  • Ensure compliance with Kenyan fire safety regulations.

Eligibility: Individuals in Kenya interested in improving their fire safety knowledge and skills can enroll. No prior qualifications are necessary.

Course Contents:

  1. Understanding Fire and its Behavior.
  2. Fire Prevention Measures.
  3. Firefighting Equipment and Techniques.
  4. Evacuation Procedures.
  5. Kenyan Fire Safety Regulations.
  6. Fire Safety Drills.

Evaluation: Evaluation includes written assessments and practical fire drills. Successful participants receive a Fire Safety Certification tailored to the Kenyan context.

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